Where female tattoo removal patients in Houston have unwanted tattoos.

By Lynette K. Kennedy, FNP, CLS

As women, we constantly have our style of clothing changing and it seems the part of the body that was showing last season is just not the same as this season. With changing styles comes new areas of the body that must be exactly as we like them and sometimes that means tattooless.

These days with the plunging necklines, the most common spot for a woman to remove a tattoo is her chest area. This is an easier spot to remove tattoos because of its proximity to lymph nodes which is part of the immune system. We have several lymph nodes in the neck area and in our underarms making it much easier to access the treated area.

Another very common spot for tattoo removal for women (and men for that matter) is the ankle. Women have the option of not only long slacks at the office but skirts and dresses as well. More women than I can count come in wanting to remove ankle tattoos so they can wear a dress or skirt to work. Most tattoos in this area are on the smaller side and will heal nicely. This is also an area that swells a little more so my clients are advised to elevate their foot at night for the first three nights to use gravity to pull that swelling from their ankle. This allows the laser treated area to heal more easily.

This next area of the body is something a little newer. It is the foot. Lately I have had more and more clients coming in to remove tattoos on the foot. This recent popularity with the flats that almost show you toes do not allow most of us to conceal the tattoos on our feet. These tattoos again tend to be smaller but most of the time I am finding them to be more colorful. Depending on the colors, this type of tattoo may need a few extra treatments to remove all the way.

The last common spot for tattoo removal for women is the lower back. It was a fad that started out quickly and now is slowly ending for some of us women as we age. I have women telling me they want their lower back tattoo removed because they have gained weight, have had a baby and it has stretched, or they work in a place where tattoos are not allowed and with today’s clothing always exposing that area every time they bend it is a problem for them at work.

If you have a spot that bothers you because it is always being exposed or because you can not buy certain clothing for work or your personal life without it showing let us at New Look Laser Tattoo Removal know. As the leaders in Houston tattoo removal, we would love to give you a free consultation and discuss what we can do for your particular situation. Please call us at 713.783.2000.