Treatment Video

Tattoo Removal Treatments Performed at New Look

Check out the video on this page see a real treatment performed at New Look’s Houston Galleria clinic. As you can see, the procedure is simple and straightforward, taking mere minutes to complete.

Video 1: Treatment of a Lower Back Tattoo

The video below features Jessica, a repeat New Look patient who decided to come back to us when it was time to get a second tattoo removed. Her tattoo’s reaction to the laser treatment is very typical, and most patients can expect similar results. Jessica also recorded a testimonial sharing her experience at New Look; click here to hear her story.

Video Transcript: 

New Look Laser Tattoo Removal has performed tattoo removal procedures on literally thousands of people from Houston and surrounding areas. The treatment shown here is with one of New Look’s repeat patients, Jessica. She had her first tattoo completely removed by New Look, and she chose to visit us again when it was time to get another tattoo removed. As you can see, the laser tattoo removal procedure takes mere moments to complete. With New Look’s advanced technology and expert care, we make the treatment as painless as possible for superior patient comfort. Before the treatment, we’ll take the time to discuss your concerns and explain the tattoo removal process. After the treatment, we’ll send you home with useful tips for getting the best removal results. Regardless of your skin type, tattoo size, or ink colors, we’re sure to customize a solution that’s right for you. New Look has performed more tattoo removal treatments than any other clinic in Houston. Our extensive experience allows us to better assess your tattoo, so you’ll get faster fading and flawless results. Call New Look today to schedule your free consultation and get started removing your tattoo.

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