Before & After Photos

Impressive Removal Results

Using the best technology in the industry, the laser tattoo removal experts at New Look in Houston, TX are able to remove most tattoos to completion. Featured below are just a few of the many success stories achieved at New Look. As you can see, we have the ability to completely remove all ink colors on all patient skin types.

Be wary of the tattoo results shown on competitor’s websites. Others show results not actually achieved at their Houston clinics or, even worse, show airbrushed images. 100% of the pictures below show un-airbrushed results actually achieved at New Look’s Houston location.

LowBack Shading BrandedAfter 4 treatments

Skull Neck BrandedAfter 4 treatments

Tribal Neck BrandedAfter 7 treatments

Heart-Gun BrandedAfter 4 treatments

Virgin Mary BrandedAfter 4 treatments

Sun-Moon BrandedAfter 4 treatments

Cherry Blossom BrandedAfter 3 treatments

Cartoon Arm BrandedAfter 4 treatments

Arm S BrandedAfter 5 treatments

Arm N BrandedAfter 5 treatments

Cover Up tattooAfter 6 treatments

Tattoo removal can be more an art than an exact science, so it can be difficult to identify the exact number of treatments that will be needed to remove a tattoo completely. During your free consultation, we can assess the age, density, depth, and hues of your tattoo, giving us an estimation of a range of how many treatments will be needed for removal.

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