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Meet the Team

Salvador Munoz, RN ~ Injector

Salvador Munoz Jr., RN, BSN obtained his Nursing degree from The University of Texas, Health Science Center, School of Nursing, his career began at the Prestigious Houston Medical Center working in pediatrics as an ER nurse.

Shortly after, he entered the world of aesthetics, completing training with several of Houston's top Plastic Surgeons and National Trainers and brings with him an impressive 7 years industry experience.

Sal's number one priority in his injectable chair is always his patient's wellbeing. He is known and beloved by his patients for his aesthetic results and driven by his motto of "helping you become the best you".

Alicia Long, MSN ~ Physicians Assistant

Alicia is a Houston Native with a BSN from Texas Tech University, and a FNP-C from Prairie View A&M University which she obtained in 2017. Before joining New Look Houston, Alicia spent 9 years as a specialized nurse in pediatrics.

Her decision to change industries stemmed from her interest in beauty and aesthetics, she is currently receiving extensive training by industry experts in the field of cosmetics to perform all facial and aesthetic procedures to the highest standard.

Alicia believes in enhancing her clients existing beauty in a way that they become the best versions of themselves while still looking fresh and natural, offering Botox and Dermal fillers such as Juvederm, Radiesse, Restylane and more.

Haley, CLHP ~ Office Manager

Driven by an enthusiasm for skincare and the science behind it, Haley received her Esthetician License from the Institute of Cosmetology and Esthetics in Houston.

After realizing in her twenties a strong desire to help others achieve their own aesthetic goals and inspired by her own personal experiences dealing with problematic skin.

Haley made it her mission to expand her knowledge within the aesthetics industry completing further training and always striving to be ahead of the game, her extensive knowledge of the industry standards, procedures and products makes her an exceptional esthetician with her expertise, she performs a wide range of treatments in both clinical and spa services.

Haley is the office manager at New look Houston.

Rachel ~ Hair Removal Technician and Esthetician

Rachel initially began her career as an esthetician but felt her service menu was limited, she completed her training as Hair Removal Technician allowing her to provide her existing and future clients with additional treatment options.

Inspired by the difference in appearance that she can provide her clients, Rachel always strives to achieve the best results for her clients while also educating them on the best at home practices to maintain their results at home, she is both friendly and extremely knowledgeable in all treatment procedures and products provided.

Rachel is genuinely excited to come to work each day for the mere fact that she knows she is making a visible difference in people’s skin and having a positive impact on the way people feel about themselves.

Tamara ~ Hair Removal Technician and Esthetician

Tamara is a trained Esthetician and certified hair removal technician, her passion for skincare and the science behind it began with an interest in how the use of makeup can affect a person both emotionally and physically.

She found herself even more intrigued in the science behind proper skincare procedures and cosmetic products as she dove deeper into a skincare education.

Tamara appreciates the diversity of each of her client's skincare needs and loves building relationships with each client and working with them to develop the best treatment plan at NLH along with an at-home skincare solution, teaching them techniques they can use on their own to keep their skin looking its absolute best and to maximize treatment results.

Abby ~ Tattoo Removal Technician

Abby chose the aesthetics field with the intention to help others gain confidence and have the ability to be the best versions of themselves, assisting them in achieving results so that who they want to be, matches who they see in the mirror.

Being an expert in the treatment of tattoo removal, Abby is both driven and inspired by her clients and their goals, she always works to help them transform something undesirable into something positive, helping her clients gain their confidence back.

Abby offers a variety of specified treatment plans to ensure clients goals are met and that they recieve the highest level of service and treatments at all times.

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