New Look Houston now offers microneedling treatments, a minimally invasive, outpatient procedure that stimulates your skin’s natural ability to repair itself to give an overall look of healthy, smoother skin reducing signs of aging. It can be used on most parts of the body and has been shown to dramatically improve the appearance of fine lines, acne scars, stretch marks and overall skin texture, often with just one treatment. This unique system causes your body to produce new collagen and elastin, effectively creating smoother skin where fine lines, scarring and stretch marks once were.

Our Houston microneedling treatments work for facials and acne scar treatment by creating temporary, micro-sized openings in the skin with a disposable needle cartridge. This painless, natural process stimulates new skin growth without using thermal energy or chemicals. Our bodies naturally react to the treatment by producing new cells and extracellular materials, including the vital collagen and elastin that are key to youthful, smooth skin appearance.

Treatments work in three phases. During the treatment, a microscopic needle pierces the dermal tissue, activating your body’s immune system. Inside your body, neutrophils and macrophages cells are sent in to disinfect the area, clear debris and increase the blood supply. Your body begins to create new skin.  After the treatment, you may experience minimal side effects similar to a mild sunburn, such as redness, tenderness and some swelling. Patients can conceal most side-effects with makeup and go back to regular activities immediately. Within a few days, any evidence of side effects will be gone.

In the second phase, your skin cells continue to multiply and grow in the treated areas. This new skin has stronger collagen and elastin, giving a fresh, youthful appearance and reducing the appearance of any scarring, fine lines, or stretch marks.

In the final phase, your skin will contract as the body heals itself. Tighter, smoother skin is in place of your old skin.

New Look Houston’s facial and acne scar treatments, as with all our microneedling, can be customized to fit your needs, including the adjustment of the depth of the needles based on each person’s skin thickness or levels of scar tissue.

Laser Tattoo Removal
Fine lines around the mouth before treatment
Laser Tattoo Removal
After one SkinPen treatment. a visible reduction in fine lines
Stretch marks before treatment
Stretch marks before treatment
After one SkinPen treatment, a visible reduction in stretch marks
After one SkinPen treatment, a visible reduction in stretch marks
Acne scars before tretament
Acne scars before tretament
After one SkinPen treatment, a visible reduction in acne scars
Acne scars after treatment

This process is your new best friend when it comes to combatting the appearance of facial acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles and improving the overall texture and tone of your skin.

A device causes controlled micro-injuries that stimulate the body’s natural wound healing process. The micro-injuries trigger the release of cytokines and growth factors that lead to remodeling of collagen and elastin.
There are three phases to our Houston microneedling wound repair process:


    Inflammation. Piercing the skin triggers your immune system to disinfect the wounds,
    remove debris, increase blood flow and begin to create new tissue.


    Proliferation. The wound is re-built with new granulation cells, as well as a temporary (type III) collagen and elastin, which are part of the extracellular matrix. Additionally, a new network of blood vessels develops.


    Remodeling. The wound has been replaced with new dermal tissues and blood vessels. The type III collagen in the newly formed tissue is replaced with stronger type I collagen, which can contract to create a tightening or “shrink wrap” effect on the skin.



  • $250 - One Microneedling Treatment
  • $675 - Three Microneedling Treatments
  • $1000 - Five Microneedling Treatments

Stem Cell Microneedling

  • $1200
  • For those that want to see dramatic results! This procedure includes a series of 3 microneedling treatments scheduled 30 days apart, coupled with a 90 day supply of growth factors to use every day and night. We have seen better results with this than a series of PRP treatments

What To Expect


Our esthetician will take a look at the areas you are concerned with and determine if you are an appropriate candidate for this procedure. She will let you know how to prepare and what to expect from the entire treatment. Lastly, she will go over the aftercare guidelines and make sure you understand the process and expectations.



Here’s what you can expect from a microneedling treatment:

  • A plan for optimal results. Your technician may recommend a course of procedures based on your individual goals. Maintenance of your procedure might require multiple treatments.
  • A comfortable procedure. Based on your needs, your technician will likely apply a topical numbing agent to the treatment area.
  • A short procedure time. The treatment will likely take 30 minutes to one hour.
  • A mild sensation. Most patients report feeling only the slight vibration during the procedure.
  • Minimal post-procedure effects. The skin will appear slightly pink to red immediately post-procedure, similar to a mild to moderate sunburn. Additionally, the most common treatment responses experienced were dryness, rough skin, tightness, redness, itching, peeling, discomfort, tenderness, and burning. These conditions resolved over time without any further complications.



  • Sun exposure and/or usage of tanning beds, including self-tanning products, must be avoided for a minimum of 24 hours before and after treatment, preferably 1 week. Treatment within 24 hours of prolonged sun exposure (natural sunlight, artificial tanning or sunless tanning products) may result in hypopigmentation (white spots) or hyperpigmentation (dark spots) that may not clear for several months or may even be permanent. A micro-needling treatment will not be administered on sunburned skin.
  • Accutane and any other photosensitizing medication should be discontinued for a period of 6 months prior to receiving treatment and should not be used during your course of treatment.
  • No area to be treated should receive any type of chemical peel for 2 weeks prior and after treatment.
  • Use of Retinols, Retin-A, Tretinoin, Glycolic Acids, Kojic Acids, Citric Acids, and Hydroquinone must not be used 1 week prior to or after treatment.
  • Waxing and/or use of chemical depilatories must be avoided for 2 weeks prior and after treatment. Shaving is allowed immediately before treatment and 48-72 hours after treatment as long as there is no skin irritation.
  • You may not be pregnant for this treatment.
  • Notify your provider of any tattoos, including cosmetic tattooing, in the vicinity of the area to be treated. Tattoos must be avoided because they may fade from the treatment.
  • If you have a history of cold sores, we recommend taking an antiviral prior to treatment.
  • During the course of your treatments, notify our staff of any changes to your medical history, health status or personal activities that may be relevant to your treatment.



  • A sunburn-like effect is normal for 1-3 days. You will look and feel sunburned after the treatment. Severity of redness will depend on how aggressive the treatment was and how sensitive your skin is. The skin may feel tight, dry, swollen and sensitive to the touch. The treatment area may appear darker and the darkened skin may flake off within 1 week. Darker skin tones may darken prior to lightning.
  • Products and regimen: Only use recommended products for the first 3 days post-treatment. Do not use any skin care products for 6 hours post procedure. Microchannels have been created in the skin and using skincare products not recommended by your esthetician could result in unexpected complications. Wash the area gently with tepid water only. Apply a soothing, healing moisturizer as often as needed for the first 3 days. Products are available for sale in our lobby.
  • Use of Retinols, Retin-A, Tretinoin, Glycolic Acids, Kojic Acids, Citric Acids and Hydroquinone may be resumed 2 weeks post-treatment.
  • Drink at least 6 – 8oz glasses of water to maintain hydration for the next 7 days.
  • Exercise should be avoided for 24-72 hours.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure for at least 2 weeks post procedure. A broad spectrum, physical block sunscreen is recommended daily. Sunscreen should not be worn for the first 24 hours.
  • Avoid unnecessary contact of the treated areas to prevent secondary infection for a full 24 hours.
  • Change to a clean pillowcase to avoid infection or irritation.
  • Clean off any item that will come in direct contact with the treated area. Some examples include sunglasses, prescription eyeglasses, cell phones and home phones.
  • Results will be gradual. Collagen formation takes 21-28 days and will continue to improve for up to 6 months after your final treatment.



Microneedling stimulates your skin’s natural ability to produce new collagen and elastin for healthier, younger-looking skin. The treatment can help with

  • Fine lines
  • Large pores
  • Scars
  • Thin skin
  • Skin tone
  • Lax skin.

It is a minimally invasive procedure, performed in-office by a qualified, trained clinician. The tip of the pen holds a series of tiny surgical steel needles which pierce the skin. The depth is based on each patient’s specific skin condition. The needle cartridge is disposable, and designed to minimize the risk of contamination. Microneedling triggers the skin’s natural healing response, resulting in healthy, glowing skin.


Immediately following microneedling expect the skin to be red and flushed, similar to a mild sunburn. Some clients will experience mild swelling, tightness, and pinpoint bleeding which can last 24 – 72 hours. Total healing time depends of the depth of the treatment, skin type and skin condition and one can expect slight peeling and dry skin.


Anywhere on the body can be treated. Even under the eyes!


The treatment itself will take 30 minutes or less.


There is minimal discomfort with this treatment. Patients may arrive 1/2 hour early for topical numbing. You will feel a slight vibrating sensation to pinching on thinner sensitive areas. The short-time discomfort (if anything felt) is well worth the results.


Immediately following microneedling expect the skin to be red and flushed, similar to a mild sunburn. Some clients will experience mild swelling, tightness, and pinpoint bleeding which can last 24 – 72 hours. Total healing time depends of the depth of the treatment, skin type and skin condition and one can expect slight peeling and dry skin.


Patients typically notice an immediate glow within the first few days, but the most visible improvement will take about 2-4 weeks and continue improving for 3-6 months.


Most people will need a series of 3 to 6 sessions, about 4 weeks apart. Overall skin rejuvenation will need 3. Deeper scars and stretch marks will be more towards 6. Softness and repair usually occurs with each session.


Microneedling is not recommended for pregnant women because the micro-needles produce micro-injuries on the skin, which naturally causes a repair process to begin. This healing process and production of new collagen requires vitamins and nutrients to be utilized that would otherwise be reserved for the unborn child.


Typically, patients can resume their normal makeup and skin care regimen 2-3 days following their microneedling treatment. As this may vary based on the area and type of treatment performed.


Before and After Photos