Cover-Up Tattoos

Cover-Up Tattoos

Fade it Down to Cover it Up

Laser tattoo removal at New Look is the perfect solution if you want to fade down your old tattoo to provide a fresh canvas for a new, better tattoo.

Many tattoo enthusiasts are perfectionists and regret their first tattoos. Many see their first tattoos as amateur or trendy, but not as the true body art that they have elsewhere on their body.

Cover Up tattoo

In just a few sessions at New Look, you can fade down your old tattoos to provide space for a new masterpiece. By getting your old tattoo faded or partially removed, you can provide better options for your favorite professional tattoo artist to create the body art you envision.

Selectively Remove a Part of a Tattoo

Sometimes people like the overall look of their tattoo, but dislike just a small portion of the image. Also, many people just want to remove a name or bit of text from a larger tattoo piece. Below is an example of just a portion of a tattoo selectively removed at New Look (in just 3 treatments) without damage to the surrounding image.

Cherry Blossom Branded

To selectively remove just a part of a tattoo, a tattoo removal clinic needs to have highly-precise laser beam sizes and highly-skilled laser technicians. New Look’s Astanza Duality laser features very small spot size options to give our laser technicians complete control when only removing a section of a tattoo.

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