Ready to get rid of your old tattoo but nervous that it won’t completely go away? New Look Houston is ready to help you with the process of getting your tattoo removed. Here are a few key factors that determine how easy it will be to get your tattoo removed. Most tattoos CAN be removed, but some will require more sessions than others based on a few factors.

Ink color: What colors used in your tattoo can determine how long it takes to remove it. If your tattoo is mainly black, that’s good news. Those are the easiest colors to remove. Tattoos that are more colorful — red, orange, green and blue — will take more sessions because the pigment is deeper in the skin. Yellow and white ink cannot be removed by lasers.

Tattoos with black ink can be removed more easily than colorful tattoos
Tattoos with black ink can be removed more easily than colorful tattoos

Size of Tattoo: Larger tattoos will take longer to remove than a small tattoo. Your body can only absorb about a half sheet of paper of ink at a time. Too many broken particles put in to the body will become too much for your body to process and will slow down the process.

Tattoo Age: Tattoos that are several years or decades old often already show signs of fading. That makes the removal process that much easier, since less pigment is present when the lasers begin to fade it. Newer tattoos make take more sessions to remove.

Tattoo Placement: Tattoo removal is harder in certain areas of the body based on the skin thickness and blood supply. Tattoos on feet, lower legs, hands or lower arms require more treatment sessions than tattoos on places such as the back or chests.

Amount of Ink: Although a tattoo with more ink will look better when it is first applied, it will also take longer to remove. Professional tattoos typically use more ink and color pigments rest deeper in the skin. Professional ink is made of different types of metals depending on the color. The ink is made this way so that the white blood cells within your body cannot carry off the ink particles. Amateur tattoos, done with homemade ink, are typically easier to remove because the ink is not built to last within the body. The particles of ink will be carried off by your white blood cells much easier.

Skin Color: It’s not just your tattoo’s colors that determine how quickly the ink can be removed. Your skin color can also play a role. Laser tattoo removal tends to be more successful and results more rapid on lighter skin tones, due to the fact that laser light isn’t easily absorbed by lighter skin. Darker skin absorbs a portion of the laser, leading to a higher chance for unwanted side effects. Because of that, a lower setting is used on darker skin, requiring more treatments.

Smoking: Unfortunately, if you are a smoker, your tattoo may be more difficult to remove, based on some studies. Long-term, regular smoking can effect the body’s ability to heal wounds, which is thought to be the reason for tattoo removal difficulty in patients who smoke.

The bottom line: New Look Houston CAN remove your tattoo, but factoring in these variables can help better prepare you for how many sessions your tattoo removal may require. Tattoo sessions are typically spaced 6 to 8 weeks apart. While some tattoos can be removed in only a handful of sessions, other tattoos will require more based on these factors.

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December 1, 2015

Deciding to get a tattoo is something that is meaningful to many people. To others, it’s just an activity they do in their free time. I believe that laser tattoo removal is not a good idea for society. If people know they have the option to get it removed, a tattoo doesn’t have the same effect or meaning as it did before. The whole point of a tattoo is that it’s a permanent decision. That’s why it is such a big deal to a lot of people when they get them. That is also why you must have consent from a parent or legal guardian before a certain age to get a tattoo. Also, tattoo removal is a painful process that requires lots of time and money, and sometimes it still never fully goes away. It depends on where the tattoo is, how long you’ve had it for, and how large it is to determine whether or not it’s going to take a lot of time or even work. There are obviously some positives that go along with being able to remove your tattoos; removing someone’s name or face after a breakup, or maybe it was just a mistake and not fully thought out. However, I still believe that tattoos are meant to be permanent for a reason. People could even test out their tattoo ideas with other products beforehand, such as henna. All in all, I think laser tattoo removal impacts society negatively due to the fact that there will be a lack of seriousness and meaning when making tattoo decisions.

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