One common question we get at New Look Houston is the concern that laser tattoo removal could put you at risk for skin cancer.

The short answer: It won’t.

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, laser tattoo removal poses no known risk for cancer.

Dermatologists have studied people with tattoos for years. They’ve never found any evidence that those with tattoos have a higher risk of skin cancer than those who don’t. They also haven’t found any risk increases with tattoo removal.

It’s important to remember to avoid tattoos in areas near a mole so that moles can be evaluated for any change and potential skin cancer risk. It’s also important to follow specific after care treatment advice for skin treated with laser tattoo removal.

Skin is increasingly sensitive to sunlight after treated for tattoo removal. It’s important, especially if you are already prone to sunburns, to use extra precautions while your treated skin heals from laser tattoo removal. Wear sunscreen daily and, if possible, cover the skin with clothes to add an additional shield. Sunburns and sun damage can not only put you at a higher risk for skin cancer, but can cause scarring in treated areas.

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