Treatment med resAt New Look Houston, we can work with almost any client to remove their tattoo. However, there are some factors that make some people the best candidates for laser tattoo removal.

  • Fair skin: Tattoos will be removed more quickly for those who have fair skin simply because there is a greater difference between the tattoo ink pigments and your skin. When lasers are used to remove tattoos on those with darker skin, more caution is used to ensure there is no lighting or darking of the skin around the tattoo. That makes treatments take a little longer, which is why fair-skinned patients tend to have faster, more realized results
  • Tattoo type: We’ve addressed before the different factors about your tattoo that will make it easier or more difficult to remove such as the size, color and age. Over all, the easiest tattoo to remove is a tattoo with black ink that isn’t dense. The older the tattoo, the easier it is to remove.
  • Health: Laser tattoo removal relies on your immune system to dispose of broken-down ink particles. Because of that, the better health you are in, the better tattoo removal will go. Choose to have your tattoo removal treatments at times when your immune system isn’t compromised.
  • Habits: Patients who don’t smoke, eat a well balanced diet at stay active have all the healthy habits that will make laser tattoo removal better and easier.

Laser tattoo removal can be a safe and successful option for a variety of people, whether or not they’re able to check off every item on this list. Curious about how your  tattoo can be removed? Call New Look Houston today at 713-783-2000 for a free consultation.


December 6, 2016

I had no idea that so many factors played into tattoo removal. I didn’t know that you had to go in and get rid of the broken down ink particles. That makes sense because of how you get tattoos in the first place.

March 3, 2017

Wow! I never heard about it! Thanks for sharing!

June 28, 2017

For a person who is getting their tattoo removed in the next couple days, I did not know your diet plays a role in the tattoo removal process. I will be sure to keep that in check. Thanks!

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