Pigmented Lesions/ Sun Spots


Our technician will take a look at the areas you are concerned with and determine if you are an appropriate candidate for this procedure. She will let you know how to prepare and what to expect from the entire treatment. Lastly, she will go over the aftercare guidelines and make sure you understand the process and expectations.


The treatment is fairly quick, depending on how many spots we are treating it can take anywhere from 5-15 minutes. The sensation during the treatment has been compared to a snap of a thin rubber band. Most patients don’t require any topical anesthesia, though it can be used if requested.
When the skin absorbs the laser energy, it will turn gray or white for a few minutes. There will be bruising in areas where there is a lot of pigment. Over the next several days, shallow blisters or crusting may develop. The skin heals within 7-10 days, usually without wound care. The healed skin is initially pink but regains pigmentation and blends into the surrounding skin over time. Occasionally, if there is significant sun damage, the treated area may remain somewhat pink for two to four weeks, and there may be some flaking or peeling during this time. This is a normal process as the body removes the pigment from the skin. There may be some lightening or darkening of the treated area for several months after laser treatment. This is usually temporary and subtle.

Pre Treatment:

Avoid sun exposure and tanning before treatment. Remove any makeup or lotions before your appointment.

Post Treatment:

You can expect the spot we treated to turn a darker color and will crusts for a few days to 2 weeks (if on the legs, it may even be 3-4 weeks).  We recommend that you treat these with Aquafore or Vaseline and keep them covered with bandages until they are healed, as this speeds the healing. Although you can use makeup over the treated areas, they may be difficult to cover with makeup. Avoid any sun exposure and always wear sunscreen (even on cloudy days).

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