Wedding Tattoo Removal HoustonTattoos are common among people of marrying age. Tattoo prevalence is on the rise in the younger population, and it is estimated that 36% of 18 to 25 year olds have at least one tattoo.  Now, for many newly engaged women, laser tattoo removal is a popular aesthetic procedure.

A growing number of brides-to-be look in the mirror and wish that their tattoo was a thing of the past. Tattoos that once were a beautiful artistic expressions can cause women to feel self conscious as they search for wedding gowns. With many skin bearing gowns currently on the market, there is more of an opportunity to show the arms, chest, back, and even legs.  Many brides simply don’t want their tattoo to distract away from their dress or show in the wedding photos.

Many women choose to flaunt their ink, but an increasing number of brides are exhibiting a growing frustration with their visible tattoo due to religious and aesthetic reasons. Fortunately, there are a few options for concealing highly visible tattoos on your big day. A quick fix: apply a large amount of make-up to the visible area. Industrial strength concealers and airbrush make-up are often used to cover tattoos for wedding days. However, with make-up, you run the risk of ruining your priceless gown with make-up transfer that may occur throughout the day.

A solution that won’t ruin your dress or precious photographs: laser tattoo removal. Our special laser technology can get rid of that unwanted tattoo and leave you with a beautiful, blank canvas. With warm summer months approaching, many brides will opt for a strapless gown for their Houston weddings. Here at New Look, we can help any bride shine bright on her big day and be picture perfect without an unwanted tattoo stealing the show.

If you are considering tattoo removal for your wedding, it is important to start the tattoo removal process early. Laser tattoo removal takes multiple sessions, so be sure to start treatments as soon as you become engaged. Call New Look at (713) 783-2000 for a free consultation at our Houston Galleria location.

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