Looking for an alternative symbol of eternal commitment? No matter the reason, many people find themselves at a tattoo shop instead of a jewelry store when searching for that physical symbol of matrimony.

Wedding Ring Tattoo PhotoWhy would anyone want something permanent on their finger instead of the traditional wedding band? There can be many reasons that a tattooed ring finger might be a good option for newlyweds:

  • Wearing a wedding band can be hazardous on a job
  • Gold and other ring metals can cause allergic skin reactions
  • A desire for something different and unique
  • The ring can never be lost or stolen, etc.

Many adventurous couples are taking the permanent route, and tattoo rings are a rising trend. In addition to the advantages stated above, the price of tattooed rings cannot be beat. When a couple is just starting out, the $100 price tag of matching tattoos is much more appealing than spending thousands on traditional wedding bands and engagement rings.

Many people who have inked their spouse’s name on their finger feel that the tattoo symbolizes the amount of trust in the relationship. Allowing something permanent on your body representing your love shows the world the level of commitment in your relationship and generally makes a powerful statement.

Clearly, ring tattoos are a romantic sign of commitment, and are the right choice for many couples. However, for some people, sometimes the ink lasts longer than the relationship. It is important to consider how circumstances may change over time, and that the tattooed ring will be a permanent fixture.

Here at New Look, we have the technology to help individuals remove that permanent reminder of love lost. Even though we hate to hear of unhappy endings, we know that changes happen over time and are here to help with all tattoo removal needs. If you are looking to remove a ring tattoo, turn to New Look. Call us for a free consultation at (713) 783-2000.

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