If your tattoo was a mistake, consider yourself in good company. News recently broke that Disney child star -turned- shock celebrity Miley Cyrus went to social media to brag about her new small tattoo of Jupiter. The only problem? The tattoo is actually of Saturn.



Oops. Her fans quickly corrected her on Instagram, but she hasn’t responded to say whether it was a tattoo artist error or if she simply gets the planets confused.

If it’s an actual error, she’s not the only one. Tattoo mistakes can include  embarrassing spelling mistakes, solar system mix-ups like Miley’s and poor depictions of whatever it was you wanted a picture of.


This person may have regretted nothing until they forgot to check the spelling of “nothing.”

Luckily, there’s a solution for these horror stories that doesn’t involve subjecting yourself to more tattoo-artist-error. Laser tattoo removal can get your skin back to a blank canvas again so that you can steer clear of repeat mistakes.

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