Laser Removal of Tattoo TimeMany of our patients are eager and excited to remove unwanted ink. Here at New Look, we have state-of-the-art lasers, which are able to effectively remove any color. However, one should know what this treatment is definitely a process not a one-stop shop. On average tattoos will take anywhere between 5-10 treatments to be completely removed. Homemade tattoos may come off in fewer treatments while professionally applied blue and green inks may take more.

We set appointments anywhere from 6-8 weeks apart but never sooner than 6 weeks. Often our patients wonder why their treatments have to be spread out so far apart. Logically, people think the more treatments they have in a short amount of time, the faster their tattoo will fade. False. Unfortunately, cramming treatments in a short amount will not help the tattoo fade faster; it can actually hurt the process. In the tattoo removal process time is your best friend. The experts at Houston’s New Look Laser Tattoo Removal know the appropriate time needed to optimize the tattoo’s removal based on the ink and you.

After a tattoo removal treatment you will need time to heal in between treatments. You need to give the skin time to heal, on the surface as well as in the deeper layers. Although you may see the skin on the surface heal, it is important to understand that underneath the skin is still regenerating and remodeling its cells.

Giving the skin enough time to heal will help flush out the ink particles and fade away the tattoo. Adding in additional, closely spaced laser treatments can hinder the process may create scar tissue that causes permanent damage to the skin. With damaged, scared skin the laser tattoo removal process will take longer.

For a quick, convenient, and free laser tattoo removal consultation, please call (713) 783-2000 to talk to a member of the New Look team.

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