For most patients, 4 weeks is plenty of time to wait between tattoo removal sessions. This allows the skin to heal and return to its normal state, and also for the broken-up ink in your tattoo tattoo to have been flushed out of the body. For some patients, they may wish to wait 6 or 8 or more weeks between treatments – whether for financial reasons, scheduling conflicts, or because they take a little longer to heal.

This is appropriate – there is no maximum amount of time between treatments – your success in removing your tattoo does not depend on sticking strictly with a schedule of visits. This is different that with other medical advice – particularly in the area of taking medication – your body may need to keep a consistent or minimum level of an antibiotic to maintain effectiveness.

With tattoo removal it is different – during your laser procedure ink is shattered in tiny pieces, and the amount of time you wait does not affect the amount of ink that has been broken up. Waiting a minimum of 3 weeks will allow your body to flush away the majority of the ink. For most patients 4 weeks is more than enough. Waiting longer will not hurt – but it also will not help.

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