It seems like every month there’s a few ridiculous stories that involve tattoos.  Or perhaps this month was a bit stranger than usual.   Either way, each month we’re going to recap the strangest news stories about tattoos.  Enjoy!

Man tricked into tattooing radio station logo on his forehead, gets arrested, mugshot photo goes viral.


David Winkelman, of Iowa, heard a radio stunt that promised a six-figure payout if anyone showed up with a tattoo of the radio station’s logo on their forehead.  When he showed up to collect, however, the radio station claimed it was a practical joke and refused to pay.  So David sued the radio station, but the case was later dismissed.  Why do we know all this?  Because this month, David was arrested and the image of his mugshot went viral.  Ouch.


Worst Tattoo Customer Ever

Worst Tattoo Customer In History

Some people can’t stand pain of getting a tattoo…others can’t even stand the idea of it.    Then there’s this lady…


California Appeals Court rules Tattoo art is 1st amendment protected

In a ruling by the 9th district appeals court for the central district of California, banning tattoo parlors was deemed unconstitutional.  The decision (PDF) came from a lawsuit filed in May of this year involving tattoo artist Johnny Anderson when he sued the City of Hermosa Beach for their outright ban on Tattoo parlors.  The decision is significant because previous decisions have upheld similar bans and has caused other towns to reconsider adopting such bans.


Wanted: Man with “SF” tattoo


Damir Shalako, of San Francisco, is wanted in connection with a sexual assault case.  Damir is 5 foot 8 inches tall, weighs about 180 pounds, has black hair and brown eyes, but his most distinguishing feature is the “SF” tattoo on his face just below is right eye.  With a tattoo like that, it won’t be long before someone identifies him.


Churchgoers pledge to get tattoos if church attendance doubles


About a dozen church members pledged to get a tattoo of the church logo if they could double their normal attendance for their first anniversary celebration.  Normally about 100 members attend weekly services, so when the goal of 200 was achieved, the members, including 26 year old head pastor Kyle Steven Bonenberger, followed through with their promise.  Calling themselves a “church for people who don’t like church”, the unorthodox Anaheim “city church” meets at a punk rock night club and is “…the furthest thing from what people perceive church to be.”


Marine Vet’s Tattoo gets him fired from Red Lobster


Marine veteran Kyle Reed, of Jacksonville, Florida, was fired this month from his position as server at Red Lobster because his tattoo broke company policy.  The tattoo, according to Reed, is symbolic of lost Marines; However it’s a violation of Red Lobster server uniform policy.  There is no visible tattoo restrictions for kitchen staff, but because there were no available positions in the kitchen, he was terminated.  After the media firestorm, Red Lobster offered Reed a position as host, which also has no restrictions on Tattoos.  Reed accepted.

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