Australian man charged with assault for tattooing 10 inch penis on friend
A 21 year old man is facing 2 counts of assault after tattooing a penis on his friend without his consent.  Allegedly, following an argument, the “artist” offered (as a peace offering) to tattoo a Yin Yang symbol on his buddy.  When he got home, however, what he saw in the mirror was not exactly what he expected.  We don’t have a picture, nor would we post it here if we did…

Woman suing artist for tattooing White Sox Tattoo Backwards


A Chicago woman is suing a tattoo artist for allegedly tattooing a Chicago White Sox symbol backwards on her leg.  Eugenia Bebis (20) is suing for $50,000 for what she considers a n “obvious mistake”.

Man with 98% of his body covered in tattoos, inks his eyeballs


Matt Gone of Oregon, started getting tattoos about 20 years ago.  Today, tattoos cover just about 98% of his skin and even includes tattoo ink on his tongue.  He has, however, found a new way to take it to a new level: eyeball tattoos.  His right eye is green, and his left: blue.

Boise tattoo parlor gives out free pink ribbon tattoos for breast cancer awareness


This story is more “heartfelt” than “wacky” but we wanted to share it anyways:

Kendall Vader, of Boise, got the idea after his aunt battled breast cancer.  His shop, Inkvision Tattoos, all this month, offered free pink ribbon tattoos in honor of breast cancer awareness month.  It is estimated that just about 200 people came in to take advantage of the offer.

Hermosa Beach to allow Tattoo shops to open

As a follow up to last month, it has been reported that the town of Hermosa Beach is allowing tattoo shops to open for business.  The town, having banned tattoo shops, was previously involved in a lawsuit that resulted in a decision that claimed the ban violated firs amendment rights.

And this month’s award for most likely to need laser tattoo removal goes to:

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