There are thousands of amazing tattoo artists throughout the world and it is amazing how far the technology and tattoo artwork has become. Unfortunately, there are still many bad tattoo artists out there as well. But just because someone has the equipment (or is really inexpensive) doesn’t mean they are a tattoo “artist”. More often than not, these butchers will ink a horrendous piece of shit that looks more like a dog took a big dump on your skin and smeared it around than any remnants of a tattoo. Worse yet, you could end up with a disease from used needles or unclean equipment.

Regretting a tattoo because your artist is an amateur is one thing, but some tattoos are doomed right from the conception stage. Worse than getting a tattoo of your significant others’ name- then breaking up, some of these tattoos are comically bad. Whether inappropriate in an offensive way, containing spelling (or other) errors, or are just plain goofy, here are 10 of the worst tattoos we’ve seen across the internets:

Clay Aiken Tattoo
Clay Aiken’s face? Really?
Patrick Swayze Horse Tattoo
Not exactly the tribute Patrick Swayze deserves…is it?
Fuck the systsem Tattoo
Fuck Spelling too…
WFT Unicorn Tattoo
We call this one: WTF Unicorn
Uno Tattoo
Taking a Turd Tattoo
To each his own…
Dicksucker Tattoo
Not many ways to interpret this one…
Cows Ass Tattoo
Is it me or does the cow look like it’s melting?
What a tradgedy…

Eggs on head Tattoo
Until now, DUMB EGGHEAD seemed like an oxymoron…

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