Joining the military is one of the top reasons someone is looking to remove a tattoo in Houston. Having a laser tattoo removal treatment for a career is very common in our Houston location and those wishing to serve our country are a big part of that. There are strict requirements with regards to tattoos and the military and it is our pleasure to help some of Houston’s finest obtain their dream. We appreciate their service and dedication to our country.

Some of the common areas in laser tattoo removal for the military are:

1. Neck

2. Forearms

3. Fingers

4. Hands

5. Face

6. Elbows

If you are someone looking to join the military and need a tattoo removed, we would be happy to take your call at 713.783.2000 or you can email me Lynette Kennedy, family nurse practitioner at and we can answer all your questions on Houston tattoo removal.

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