It can be tempting to try anything to remove a tattoo you hate, but this is one of those things that is better left to the professionals.

Health officials have issued warnings against tattoo removal creams sold online that contain banned chemicals that can cause burns and severe scarring to the skin. The chemicals in the creams, hexachlorotheane, has been used in past in smoke grenades.

A BBC investigative report interviewed one woman who bought a cream removal online that gave her burns as if she had poured acid on her skin.

What’s worse, doctors say, is that the creams aren’t likely to remove tattoo ink at all, even if they don’t cause the severe harm some creams can.

Laser tattoo removal is safe and proven to be effective. New Look Houston has helped more people across the Houston area remove their tattoos than any other provider. Our expertise can help make your experience a great, safe and worry-free one.

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