College Graduates Tattoo RemovalIt’s that time of year again when tassels, caps, and gowns are in fashion and everyone knows someone who’s walking the stage. If you know a college grad, there’s a roughly 36% chance that they have a tattoo to go along with their diploma.

The American Academy of Dermatology has been tracking the tattoos of 18-25 year olds since 2004 and has seen an 11% increase. Though getting a tattoo in college is often seen as an act of rebellion or impulse, most students actually use tattoos as a medium for self-expression, personal accomplishment, and personal or moral remembrance.

College is a time to learn about the world, self, and life, and many of the tattoos that college students get are a direct reflection of that growth—not just their Greek affiliation or the name of their Sophomore-year crush. However, with the next chapter of a student’s life after graduation being in the workplace, graduates could potentially face an employer that frowns upon a visible tattoo.

The 2000s have brought about more tattoos on college students’ bodies and an increasingly more lenient and relaxed workplace. With Houston’s competitive economy and plethora of higher education institutions, the amount of both competition and tattoos is on the rise.

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