…Find a real solution for removing tattoos.

Houston Tattoo Removal SolutionTattoo creams may seem like a quick easy way to remove your unwanted tattoo, but unfortunately they don’t work! Tattoo creams have chemical ingredients such as hydroquinone and kojic acid that claim to pull out that unwanted ink; but the reality is that the ink in your tattoos lies too far beneath the surface, in the secondary layer of your skin, and is left untouched by removal creams.

Additionally, these harmful chemicals can cause some very unwanted side effects such as scarring, chemical burns, or permanent skin texture changes. By reacting with the top layers of your skin, minimal fading might occur, but this is comparable to the same fading you would see over time from sun exposure or bleaching of the skin. Tattoo creams usually come with a hefty price tag and empty promises that leave you with a slimmer wallet and the same regretful tattoo.

Thankfully, the laser technology at New Look does work, and our Houston Galleria office would be more than happy to help you get the look you want. We have the most powerful lasers on the market and can remove tattoos in manageable time frames avoiding the unwanted side effects of scarring and texture changes. With just a few quick and affordable sessions you could be tattoo free before you know it.

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