poolYou might be aware that when you get laser tattoo removal treatments, you’re warned to avoid swimming pools and soaks in the bath tub. With summer time approaching, it’s a good time to review this guideline and understand why we tell all our clients about this important rule.

The biggest risk to skin treated with laser tattoo removal is secondary infections. The area of the skin treated with the lasers makes it more susceptible to bacteria and other germs. Swimming pools, hot tubs and even bath tubs have an abundance of bacteria living in them, even with hot temperatures and chemical treatments.

Getting your treated area wet also interferes with its healing. Soaking a wound in water, whether at the pool or in your own bathroom, can make it too moist to properly heal.

For most treated areas of the skin, you will only need to avoid water activities forthree to four days. If your tattoo site blistered during the treatment, you may want to wait a few days more to ensure it’s properly healed. Colorful tattoos, especially those with reds and yellows, can take longer to heal, so keep that in mind.

If you have any concerns about your treatment, or if you want to know more about how laser tattoo removal can work for you,
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