Human Billboard Photo“Billy the Human Billboard” from Anchorage, Alaska has a face you can’t forget. He doesn’t just have tattoos on his face; he has a face adorned with tattoo advertisements.

A few years ago, after falling upon economic hardship, Billy Gibby decided to sell ad space on his face to the highest bidder – using eBay to accomplish his goal. Afflicted with bipolar disorder, he had found it hard to maintain a job. He stated that his tattoos were a way to make money for his family and to set a Guinness World Record for most tattoo advertisements.

However, after just after 3 years of being a walking billboard, Billy is regretting his decision. The 20 or so tattoos on his face need to come off, and he is looking to the public for help. In exchange for the removal of his face tattoos, Billy is offering prime tattoo real estate on the rest of his body in the hopes of raising $4,000 to remove the advertisements on his face.

Billy is hoping that someone will accept his offer, but mostly just wants the ink on his face removed. After receiving national attention for his unique face tattoos, Billy is now regretting the whole process and finds it hard to land a job with his current human billboard status. He continues to search for legal ways to sell his body and has even changed his name to ‘Hostgator Dotcom.’ He is willing to change his name again for another company.

Billy says that he has spent approximately 10 years selling tattoo advertisements, which has earned him a total of about $100,000 that is long gone by now. His story shows that some tattoos may seem like a good idea for a while, but can later be a source of regret.

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