Blog2Have all your friends and family been raving about how well your tattoo removal process is going? –Well of course they have been! Invite your friends and family to New Look Laser Tattoo Removal and save $20 on your next treatment when your referral gets started with their own tattoo removal treatments

Here at our Galleria office, we offer the safest and most effective laser tattoo removal in Houston. We provide amazing results that have our existing customers sending in new clients on a daily basis. Just like a good tattoo can be a walking advertisement for a talented tattoo artist, a tattoo going through the removal process with flawless results has our door constantly welcoming referred clients.

Whether you know someone with a 20-year-old college tattoo, or fresh ink that they just aren’t happy with, be sure to send them over to New Look where our experienced and friendly staff will be more than happy to assist them. …And you could save some money in the process!

Check out our Refer-A-Friend special and more here:

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