Sometimes, the reasons for getting a tattoo removed are fairly obvious: If you tattooed your ex-boyfriend's name across your chest or inked on a wedding ring but are planning to split, for example. There are serveral reasons people want to remove a tattoo, here in Houston we can help! If you have a bad tattoo or just tattoo regret we can laser remove it. We offer options to remove in Houston a tattoo that are easy and affordable.

But as it turns out, there are common reasons many people get tattoos removed, according to a study done at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.

The study surveyed people who were undergoing laser tattoo removal and asked them for their reasoning. Those getting tattoos removed could select multiple reasons for wanting their tattoo off.

The most common reason? Embarrassment, which 57 percent of respondents cited. Whether that was over their choice of tattoo or merely that they had one it's not clear, but it was the most common reason given.

Tattoos also lowered body image for people, which 38 percent of people said contributed to the reason they had the tattoo removed.

A new job or career prompted 38 percent of people to seek removal. Most obvious tattoos are still considered taboo in corporate environments.

37 percent of respondents reported a problem with clothes not being able to cover the tattoo.

Only a quarter of people - 25 percent - said they felt having a tattoo gave them a social stigma they wanted to remove.

What about you? Do you want to remove a tattoo in Houston? What's the reason you're considering removal?

Whatever it is, New Look Houston can help. Call us at (713) 783-2000 for a free consultation.

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