The R20 method for tattoo removal is a rather unresearched tattoo removal method that claims to remove tattoos faster than standard tattoo removal procedures.

Seems great right? Well, Houston, the problem is that it’s not really true.

There has been one study completed about the “special” tattoo removal process, and in the study, less than 20 tattoos were treated on 12 subjects, and the laser used was an older, outdated system. Another factor that skewed the results of the study was the fact that of the few tattoos that were treated, the majority of them were amateur or homemade tattoos, which generally come off faster than professional tattoos with any method or removal.

Aside from this very limited study, there really isn’t much remaining evidence to support the conclusions that the R20 method will remove the tattoo any faster than traditional methods. With R20 protocols, the tattoo is treated four times in one day with sessions 20 minutes apart, as opposed to doing one treatment every 6-8 weeks as it is with traditional methods.

Because there can be lots of complications with doing multiple treatments in such a short amount of time – increased risk of infection, more swelling and bruising, more chance of skin discolorations, textual changes and eventual scarring – we do not endorse treating a tattoo using the R20 method of tattoo removal.

At New Look we use the most powerful laser technology available and treatments spaced 6-8 weeks apart for optimal ink fading. With our Astanza Trinity system we have flawless results with no scarring and infections, and patients still only need a handful of visits to our convenient Houston location to have their tattoo fully removed.

We offer free consultations and will happily answer more questions regarding the R20 method of tattoo removal. To schedule or chat with a New Look Laser Tattoo Removal team member, call (713) 783-2000.


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