Whether you are in the Houston, TX area or not, we welcome your questions about laser tattoo removal here at New Look. We own and operate tattoo removal clinics throughout Texas and have clients that travel to see us from other states and Mexico. Whether you are able to travel to Houston for laser treatments or not, we’d be happy to provide our advice on laser tattoo removal if you have questions.

The founders and directors of New Look Laser Tattoo Removal as also the chief instructors and directors of New Look Laser College, the nation’s only training program dedicated to laser tattoo removal. They train physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, and a wide variety of other people on how to safely and effectively operate tattoo removal lasers. As experts in the field, they have the ability to answer your questions about laser tattoo removal, whether they are about what kind of laser is best for tattoo removal, a suggestion on a clinic in your own area, or a range of other questions about removing a tattoo.

Please call New Look at 713.783.2000 or email contact@newlookhouston.com

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