Older tattoos (10 years+) are normally much easier to remove than new tattoos. A new black tattoo may take on average 6-8 treatments to remove, while an old black tattoo may only take 4-6 treatments to remove. Occasionally we have tattoo removal patients with 20 or 25 year old tattoos. We love removing these tattoos because they come off incredibly quickly and the patients are very surprised with the fast results.

Here’s two reasons why older tattoos tend to be easier to remove:

1) Exposure to the sun fades the ink. The sun works in some ways like a laser, breaking down the tattoo ink slowly over the years. However, the sun takes a long, long time to work. If you have a brand new tattoo and regret it, hanging out by the pool this summer won’t make a big difference in how many sessions you’ll need to remove your tattoo. Hanging out by the pool for the next few years non-stop might, but that much sun exposure may cause other damage that would certainly offset the benefit.

2) The human body tries to break up tattoo ink naturally. Your body isn’t the biggest fan of your tattoo. Over the years it has treated the ink as a foreign substance and done a few things to try to break down the ink and remove it. However, tattoos contain a lot of ink and your body isn’t capable of doing this job on its own. The ink needs to be broken up into smaller fragments that will be carried away and disposed of. A tattoo removal laser will provide this enormously helpful role of breaking up the ink into pieces small enough for the body to quickly process.

So, if you have an older tattoo, you can be excited about needing less treatments than if you tried to remove your tattoo 5 or 10 years ago. If you have a new tattoo, don’t worry. We can still go a great job of removing it with an extra session or two.

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