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The winner of our Houston-based, New Look Laser Tattoo Removal semi-annual scholarship is…

Aleah Chang of the University of Michigan ’14!

This University of Michigan student is Pre-med and studying Neuroscience. With only her senior year remaining, Aleah plans to attend medical school to become a pediatrician or family medicine physician.

Aleah decided to take this career path once exposed to the medical field through a job she held at 16 years old. As a diet clerk she learned the ins and outs of the hospital environment, which lead to her intrigue in the technological and social advances of medicine.

Originally from Pennsylvania, this future UM grad has made her place in Ann Arbor, working, schooling, and cheering on the Wolverines.

Though she is not in the Houston Galleria like us, we at New Look Laser Tattoo Removal hope to keep up with Aleah through her pursuits and contributions to the medical field.

New Look not only offers the most superior laser tattoo removal in Houston, but seeks to offer educational opportunities to those pursuing related fields of study all across the country. Through our scholarship and promotion of higher education in the clinical and medical industry, we seek to continuously advance the technology and process of laser tattoo removal to always provide the best to our Houstonian clients.

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