If you’re considering getting your tattoo removed, it’s important to separate fact from fiction before you get started on removing your tattoo. Maybe one of these misconceptions has kept you from taking the plunge with laser tattoo removal. Let’s set the record straight.


Myth #1: Laser tattoo removal causes scars

Although laser tattoo removal can cause scarring, that scarring can be prevented by proper care of the treated area. If you use topical creams, avoid sunlight, and space out your laser tattoo removal treatments accordingly, scarring can be prevented.

Myth #2 New tattoos are easier to remove

Actually, older tattoos are easier to remove because your body has already spent years breaking down the foreign particles. If you have a new tattoo that you want removed, it can still be done, but because the ink is fresh, it will typically take more sessions to achieve removal.

Myth #3 The darker the ink, the harder the tattoo removal will be

This is actually not true, especially when it comes to black ink. Black ink is actually the easiest tattoo color to remove because of the size of the color particles and because black ink has fewer additives than other colors. White and red ink are more difficult to remove and may take several sessions to achieve complete removal.

Myth #4 Tattoo removal lasers can be dangerous

Laser tattoo removal is regulated by the FDA and comes under strict scrutiny – often more than most tattoo parlors have to give tattoos. Technicians are trained in operating the laser before use and each individual laser is tested before being used on any clients.

Myth #5 Tattoo removal is an expensive, upfront cost

At New Look Houston, we offer tattoo removal that’s priced as you go. Because each tattoo removal session is placed at least 6 to 8 weeks apart, you have time to plan your budget accordingly and won’t have to pay for an entire removal package at one time. For more information, contact New Look Houston today at 713-783-2000.

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