If you make a mistake during normal make-up application, the solution is solved with just a swipe of a cottonball. But with more women opting for permanent makeup — tattooed on — those problems can take a long time to solve. That’s because laser tattoo removal is often dangerous for permanent makeup and so New Look Houston, as well as most laser tattoo removal facilities, can’t treat it.

Keep all this in mind before you decide on permanent makeup.

Just as other tattoos fade with time, permanent makeup tattoos will as well.

It’s also possible that since makeup trends change just as fashion does, the permanent makeup you once wanted won’t look appropriate in a few years. Super-thin eyebrows were popular in the 1990s now just look over-tweezed, for example.

Problems also come up from misapplication or aging.

Permanent Makeup Removal Houston

Laser tattoo removal for tattoos on the face may be more painful because the skin on your face is more sensitive.

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