Arianna webAnd so begins the introduction of our valued New Look staff members.

First, meet Arianna. Arianna Hidalgo has joined the team of experts at Houston’s tattoo removal clinic– New Look Laser Tattoo Removal. As the certified laser specialist, Arianna is likely to be the lovely laser technician performing your consultation and tattoo removal treatment.

As a Biology major, with a concentration in health care, this Baylor University graduate is fluent in English, Spanish, French, and laser tattoo removal.  Whether you need to know how laser tattoo removal works or simply need someone to talk to during the procedure, Arianna can help you… in three different languages.

Arianna is from the Houston area so she’s familiar with all the best Houston has to offer, that’s why she chose to be a part of New Look! Her knowledge of the industry stems from extensive work in a clinical, customer oriented setting. She has been expertly trained as a certified laser specialist by New Look Laser College, and can evaluate your tattoo ink, skin type, and treatment history to make each treatment the safest and most effective.

Next time you’re in New Look Laser Tattoo Removal, whether it is for a free consultation or your next appointment, be sure to give Arianna a warm welcome! New Look will continue to do the same in return—book your appointment today, 713-783-2000.

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