Laser tattoo removal has only been around for a few years; however, it is a procedure where complete tattoo removal can be guaranteed with minimal side effects. When done right, laser tattoo removal can effectively remove unwanted tattoos. There may be some blistering, pain or swelling but these are all temporary, while the result are forever.

At New Look Laser Tattoo Removal, we not only use laser technology — we use the best laser technology available for optimal safety and efficacy.

Surgery is also an option for removing unwanted tattoos. A doctor will take a scalpel and remove the tattoo, clinching the edges of the skin together forming a small scar. If the tattoo is large, this is still an option but may require several treatments. This option may be expensive and a scar will remain. For people that are okay with a scar, this may be a good option.

Other methods of tattoo removal such as creams and home remedies simply do not have great results. Creams and home solutions are not solutions at all and though they may be the least expensive, they don’t provide the power needed to remove ink from the skin. These types treatments are often topical ointments or creams and do not go into the skin where the tattoo ink is located.

We can offer more detail at a free laser tattoo removal consultation. Call (713) 783-2000, today!

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