New Look Laser Consulting, the leading provider of laser tattoo removal training, is now conducting a laser tattoo removal training program for radiology technicians. Laser tattoo removal can easily and successfully be incorporated into any existing radiology clinic. New Look’s expert staff will certify you as a laser specialist and a laser safety officer. You will be completely ready and confident to perform treatments on your own after the completion of our course. Laser tattoo removal treatments are quick and effective. With each treatment only taking about 10-15 minutes you can see a great deal of patients a day.

At the radiology technician laser tattoo removal training program you will perform an abundance of real treatments on live models using the Astanza Trinity tattoo removal laser. The Trinity is extremely advanced because it can remove all colors of ink on any skin tone. Laser tattoo removal is easy, hassle-free, and in high demand. New Look laser consulting will give you the skills to succeed in the laser tattoo removal industry.

To sign up for New Look’s radiology technician laser tattoo removal training course please contact us at 713.783.2000.

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