If you own your own emergency medical practice and are looking for new ways to add revenue, laser tattoo removal is the perfect solution. New Look Laser Consulting is offering a two day personalized laser tattoo removal training program for emergency medicine. Laser tattoo removal will provide a risk free consistent income to your existing practice. These procedures are simple and quick and can be performed by your emergency medical staff. Your practice can perform an abundance of treatments a day because each session only takes about 10-15 minutes.

While at the emergency medicine laser tattoo removal training program New Look’s specialists will teach you how to successfully conduct a consultation and interact with new patients, composition of tattoo ink, laser physics and much more. Not only will our expert staff review the clinical side of laser tattoo removal they will also show you how to effectively market your new endeavor. If you are a physician in the emergency medicine specialty, tattoo removal may be the best addition to your practice. Learn everything you need to know and practice on the best laser for tattoo removal, the Astanza Trinity or Astanza Duality.

To sign up for the emergency medicine laser tattoo removal training course please contact us at 713.783.2000.

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