If you’re having tattoo-regret, clear, ink-free skin is only a few laser treatments away. The idea of lasers on your skin may sound scary, but trust us, laser tattoo removal is the safest and most effective way to erase the body of bad art or a bad decision. There are lots of misconceptions about laser tattoo removal, but we have the facts. Read on to find what’s true – and what isn’t – about laser tattoo removal.


Myth #1: The Darkest Colors are Hardest to Remove–

Surprisingly, black is the easiest color to remove due to the fact that darker colors absorbs all wavelengths of laser light, while lighter shades like lime green and yellow are harder to remove because they selectively absorb the laser light.

Myth #2: Each Treatment Takes a Long Time–

Think you’ll be dealing with lengthy laser treatments? Don’t’ have an entire day to have your tattoo removed? Think again. The sessions are actually very fast (mere minutes). One thorough pass of the laser over your entire tattooed area and boom – you’re done. Consider this as an extremely short amount of time compared to the multiple hours it can take to actually have the tattoo applied.

Myth #3: You Have to go for Treatments Every Week–

It takes numerous sessions to remove a tattoo, but even if you wanted to go weekly, we wouldn’t let you! Treatments have to be spread out (usually six to eight weeks apart) to allow the shattered ink from the tattoo to be flushed away by the body and the skin to completely heal between sessions. A few minutes every six to eight weeks – easy.

Myth #4: The Laser Burns Off Your Tattoo–

Lasers might cause damage in sci-fi movies, but when it comes to removing a tattoo with a laser, the process only targets the ink in your body art—the skin is left unharmed. Using a pen-like hand-piece held over your skin, your laser practitioner will deliver pulses of laser light into the tattoo, shattering the ink, and fading your tattoo from visibility.

Myth #5: Amateur Tattoos are the Hardest to Remove

You might think that the ill-advised tattoo you got at a party would be easier to remove, but it’s the professionally-performed tattoos that tend to be harder to remove than those applied by amateurs. Ink density is the key component of difficult as dense, professional inks deep within the skin are harder to reach than make-shift inks near the skin’s surface.

Myth #6: Partial Removal Isn’t Possible – It’s All or Nothing

Lasers used for tattoo removal are extremely accurate, so if you like one part of your tattoo, but not another, you can just remove the portion you’re unhappy with. Johnny Depp, for example, had his “Winona Forever” tattoo changed to “Wino Forever” when he broke up with Winona Ryder.

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