Father's DayThere are an endless number of scenarios that could exist between your Dad, a tattoo, and you. Here are a few that might be the case in Houston:


  1. Naturally, because we live in Houston, we must first discuss football tattoos. Your Dad has been living in Houston since the 1980s, and his Oilers tattoo is now a bit out-of-date. Now a diehard Texans fan, you do your research and find out that the old Oilers colors are easily removable with laser tattoo removal. You encourage him to, at least, get the oil derrick faded so he can replace it with the Bull on Parade. We’re not even going to discuss your uncle who took up with the Cowboys when Houston was devoid of an NFL team.


  1. Second to football, there are other tattoos your Dad may have. Whether it’s a display of pride for the great State of Texas, the U.S.A., his Sigma brothers in college, the military branch he served in, or his hobbies that he’s mastered (grilling, golfing, etc.) – the ink display of Dad’s pride is starting to show his age. We all know Dad wants to stay as young looking as he is at heart.


  1. Though you love your Dad and he loves you, he was still “disappointed” when you got a tattoo of your own. This Father’s Day you can make him happy again and give the gift of tattoo removal to yourself. He’ll think you’re still his little one that way.


Help Dad fade his tattoo for easy team updating before this year’s season starts. Help him let go of his college days and provide him with a first step towards updating his look. New Look Laser Tattoo Removal in the Houston Galleria area can help with any of your or your father’s tattoo removal needs. We have Package Deals & Gift Cards that make great gifts! Make it a Happy Father’s Day – call (713) 783-2000 for a free consultation.

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