Investors looking to take advantage of opportunities for strong profits and fast growth even during a macroeconomic downturn may want to consider an investment in laser tattoo removal. Available data suggests that 20% of Americans have a tattoo and upwards of 50% will consider removing it at some point. A younger demographic, the 20-29 year bracket, has been getting tattoos at an extraordinary pace – almost 50% of this age group now has at least one tattoo. This population trends female – a demographic comfortable making investments in themselves with cosmetic procedures.

Very, very few pure play opportunities to invest in tattoo removal exist. None of the laser manufacturers (Cynosure, Palomar, Cutera, Candela, etc.) earn more than a fraction of their revenue from tattoo removal systems. There is only one publicly traded chain of tattoo removal clinics (Dr. Tattoff) and they have lost approximately a million dollars a year for each of the last three years and are both poorly managed and having a “going concern” tag on their most recent financial statement.

New Look Laser Tattoo Removal offers an opportunity for an investor interested in making an investment in laser tattoo removal in a growing and profitable chain of clinics. The Harvard-trained owners and managers of New Look are both savvy entrepreneurs as well as experts in the field.

Contact New Look’s President – Ryan N. Lambert – to discuss this opportunity further. Email (, 713.292.6836).

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