Covering a neck tattoo.Need to cover a tattoo up temporarily or permanently? Houston weather too warm for long sleeves?

If you have a tattoo you hate then you’ve probably already discovered that pants, turtlenecks, and long sleeves are your best friend; however there are a few other options that work well at covering up that tattoo when you’re on your way to a job interview or elegant party. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Make-up! Today it is flat out amazing what makeup can do, and it definitely does a quick, fine job when covering up your tattoo. There are many brands out there that offer all day waterproof coverage that stays on your skin and doesn’t rub on your clothes. Try a few brands and find the best one for you. Unfortunately, make-up is not a permanent fix.
  • Jewelry and bracelets! For tattoo on the toes, fingers, hands, ankles, wrists and neck some chunky, bold statement jewelry can make all the difference. A large ring can hide that small tattoo on your finger or large face watch will hide wrist tattoos. With the new fashion trends it seems nothing is out of the norm, in our opinion, the bigger the accessory the better! Spend some time browsing some versatile large accessories and hiding your tattoo can be possible. Covering up a tattoo with clothing, jewelry, etc. is not permanent, but can be a quick fix.

If any of these options seem like too much work, or you get tired of always covering up, the staff here at New Look Laser Tattoo Removal would be happy to start removing that tattoo for good – no need for any more powder or bangles.

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