Tattoo removal popularity

When you’re getting a tattoo, there is instant gratification. Even the most complex tattoos can be completed in a few sessions.

But getting a tattoo removed involves lots of waiting. Although the actual treatment is quick, waiting adequate amount of time between treatments is essential.

The appropriate time between laser tattoo removal treatments varies, but is typically between 4 and 8 weeks.

After a laser tattoo removal treatment, the ink particles broken up beneath the skin by the laser are processed by the body’s immune system. Some immune systems work faster than others and some tattoo ink is more easily broken down, hence the variation of times between treatments.

Sensitive skin that reacts more severely to the laser will require a longer rest time between treatments. It is essential to wait for scabs, scars or blistering to heal completely.


Caring for skin after a treatment properly by applying lotions and washing the affected area carefully can lessen the need for extended breaks between treatments.

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