Although most people accept that getting a tattoo is going to hurt a bit, just how much laser tattoo removal will hurt is often an unknown that can sometimes prevent people from starting the process.

While tattoo removal can cause anything from slight discomfort to mild pain, there are a few factors that come into play. There are areas of the body that are more painful than others to get a tattoo removed.

If your tattoo is on a part of your body without much muscle or fat, that skin will be more sensitive and the removal process, just like when the tattoo was applied, will be more painful.

Removing tattoos from these areas will be the most painful:
· Knees and Elbows: These areas aren’t the most popular for tattoos for the same reason: It’s painful to apply tattoos here. If your tattoo is on the inside or outside of your knees or elbows, the removal process will also be painful. This is because it’s difficult to restrict moving your joints and so the skin will not be given normal rest time to heal.
· Anywhere on your head: Your skin is very thin on your head and doesn’t have a lot of muscle or fat padding to absorb the pain.
· Fingers and feet. These are common tattoo areas, but both have a lot of nerve endings, as well as minimal fat and muscle stores

Have a tattoo on your knees? Removing it could be more painful that had it been on other areas.



Have a tattoo in one of these places? Keep in mind that being well hydrated and well-rested will help the process. Everyone’s pain threshold is different, so the exact level of discomfort you will experience depends on you.

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