If you’re ready to get rid of your tattoo now, it can sometimes be difficult to wait as the laser tattoo removal process unfolds. Whether you want to cover up the evidence daily as you’re undergoing laser tattoo removal treatments until the tattoo is gone completely or you just need it concealed for a special occasion such as a job interview or formal occasion, there are several methods to temporarily cover up your tattoo.

The most obvious solution is full-coverage clothing. Long sleeves, pants, turtlenecks and even gloves can cover many tattoos easily. For something like a job interview, when more formal dress is expected, this is often the easiest solution.

But what about if your tattoo is on your hand, wrist, or feet? When it’s too early for laser tattoo removal to have its full effect, you can try some cover-up makeup.

There are dozens of brands of make-up to cover up tattoos, but remember to select a product that is specifically made for body concealer, not a normal face foundation. These products can be found online or at specialty beauty retailers such as Sephora or Ulta. Some are manufactured specifically for tattoo coverage, and others are also used for scars and birthmarks.

Select a body coverage product that is matte. Some products include shimmer to give arms and legs a luster, but that’s not the goal in this instance. A matte product will better camouflage your fading tattoo.

Select a color that is closest to your skin tone

If you have an important occasion to consider, such as a wedding, you can also consider having a makeup artist apply airbrush makeup, which will not fade or rub off.

As your laser tattoo treatments continue, you’ll need less and less makeup to cover up the fading tattoo.

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