Clients are always wondering what they can do to help speed up the process of their tattoo removal. Typically, the majority of people are most surprised when we tell them that living a healthy lifestyle will help your tattoo fade faster.

Smoking and Tattoo RemovalHouston’s New Look Laser Tattoo Removal simply speeds up the process that your body naturally goes through anyway, so it makes sense that a large part of the removal depends on you!

Our laser tattoo removal procedure uses light energy to break up tattoo ink. The body, over decades, attempts to do this same thing naturally. New Look’s laser is simply faster and more convenient.  So, aiding the laser’s work by maximizing you body’s ability to further break down and flush away the ink only makes sense for quicker removal – alcohol does not help the tattoo removal process.

Drinking large amounts of alcohol can hinder your liver and kidneys’ ability to flush out the ink particles that we create here at New Look, and thus preventing your tattoo from making much progress. So, trade those beers and cocktails for large amounts of water and your removal will go much more smoothly and your cleansing organs will thank you!

In addition to drinking alcohol, smoking can contribute further to the lengthy tattoo removal process. Besides the adverse effects on your lungs and increased risk of cancer, smoking cigarettes, cigars, etc. affects your laser treatments’ success as well by restricting circulation near the skin’s surface.

With hindered blood flow near the dermis and epidermis, there is less chance that the shattered ink particles will be picked up and carried away from the tattoo, leading to slower fading, and ultimately, slower tattoo removal.

Quitting smoking will have amazing effects on your health in the long run, and the sooner you stop smoking, the sooner you can get to that flawless tattoo free skin you have been seeking!

In general, we recommend lots of water, a healthy diet, and regular exercise to keep all systems of the body in check and to ensure your get your blood flowing for the fastest removal possible! Visit our Houston Galleria/Uptown location for a free consultation. To schedule yours today, call (713) 783-2000.

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