As laser tattoo removal gains in popularity, the chances for things to go wrong also unfortunately increases with it. That’s exactly what’s happening in Australia, where unlicensed tattoo removal clinics have used dangerous lasers that require special training and knowledge to operate. While the lasers can remove tattoos, if they are used improperly, they can also cause burning, scarring and painful reactions.

The problem happened when a tattoo removal laser was labeled improperly by either the manufacturer or seller, Australia’s News Mail reported. What the person preforming the laser removal thought was a lower-grade laser was actually a stronger laser, causing severe skin damage, including burning and scarring.

While Texas hasn’t seen any public cases of laser tattoo clinics causing as drastic results as our partners overseas, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t happening or couldn’t happen soon. That’s why it’s important to select a tattoo removal clinic that has a trusted name and proven track record.

New Look Houston is the city’s most trusted source for tattoo removal. We’ve preformed more tattoo removals than any other clinic and have years of experience. All our technicians are fully trained and experienced. We also test all our equipment to avoid any such accidents.


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