When starting the tattoo removal process our patients often have a ton of questions. Below are a few of our most frequently asked questions about laser tattoo removal.

Laser Tattoo Removal Questions

How soon can I start the tattoo removal process?

The tattoo removal process can be started immediately following the initial free consultation. If the tattoo is fresh and brand new, we will need to wait until the tattooed area has completely healed in order to do the first laser removal treatment. At New Look, conveniently located in Houston’s Galleria area, we can schedule free consultations anytime, Tuesday through Saturday.

How many treatments does it take to completely remove a tattoo?

The average tattoo can take anywhere between 5-10 treatments to be fully removed. Homemade tattoos may be more easily removed while professional tattoos can take occasionally take more than 10.

How often can I get treated?

Sessions are spaced anywhere from 6-8 weeks apart, but no less than 6, depending on skin type. At New Look Houston, we are careful to schedule treatments at least 6 weeks apart in order to ensure safe and effective removal. Although the skin may look healed on the surface, we need to give the deeper layer of skin, the dermis, enough time to heal for the skin cells to remodel themselves. During the weeks following treatment the body will continue to break down the ink causing it to fade. Doing treatments before a 6 week wait period may be counterproductive.

How much does it cost to remove a tattoo?

Pricing is dependent on factors such as size and colors in the tattoo. Our prices start off at $95 per treatments and will increase from there. New Look is very competitive with pricing with discounts for patients with multiple tattoos, treatment packages, and referral discounts. Pricing will be determined during the free consultation by one of New Look’s laser specialists.

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