Do you have a permanent reminder of a tattoo fad? Styles and trends in the tattoo world come and go just like in fashion. You’re not still sporting your mid-1990s grunge clothes or early 2000s frosted tips, but tattoos are a little harder to transition away from.

And apparently, some tattoo trends start and spread. Irish tattoo artist Ryan Sean Kelly recently opened up to VICE Media about the most common “bad tattoos” he had done. He noticed recent trend of women asking for infinity symbols or arrows. Several women even asked for the same exact arrow. Men, he noted, have been asking for tattoos of pocket watches. A few years ago, he said, men often wanted tattoos of owls.

Arrow tattoos are trendy now, but may be an indicator of past trends soon
Arrow tattoos are trendy now, but may be an indicator of past trends soon

Those may be the trends of the moment, but we can all remember — and some of us still have evidence of — tattoo trends of the past.

Chinese letters, barbed wire wrapped around biceps, and semicolons on the wrist – these have all seen their heyday pass. In fact, this news article even jokes with how you can tell someone’s age by their chosen tattoo trend.  Watch out if you have a tattoo of a dolphin – it may be giving away your age.

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