Celebrity Laser Tattoo Removal PhotoCelebrities may lead completely different lives than most normal people. However, there is one thing that many celebrities share with the general population: a love of tattoos.

You can’t seem to browse online celebrity gossip sites without seeing what famous celebrity has recently gotten a tattoo. Whether it be Harry Style’s new butterfly tattoo or Miley Cyrus’s heart, celebrity tattoo news appears to be here to stay.

While some celebrity tattoos may be forever, there are others that just have to go.  Those that have experienced a change of heart: Angelina Jolie (who had ex Billy Bob Thornton’s name and accompanying dragon turned into the coordinates of her children’s birthplaces), Eva Longoria (had 3 Tony Parker related tattoos lasered off), Johnny Depp (who had Winona forever reworked to Wino Forever), Denise Richards (had ex Charlie Sheen’s name redone), and Pamela Anderson (who changed the Tommy on her ring finger to Mommy).

It is not only marriages and relationships gone wrong that motivate celebrities to seek out tattoo removal treatments.  Changes in beliefs and attitudes are also factors that come into play.  Brittany Spears had a Hebrew tattoo removed from her neck after having a fallout with the Kaballah. Jessica Alba decided to make her daisy and ladybird tattoo a thing of the past, and rapper 50 Cent decided to have his arm tattoos completely removed to boost his acting career.

Just like many others, celebrities are reconsidering their body ink as they get older. Celebrities are constantly scrutinized, and each photo taken by the paparazzi may remind them of their unwanted tattoo. We’ve all heard the saying celebs are just like you and me. This time it’s true! Just like other people, celebrities make decisions regarding body art, including laser tattoo removal.

At New Look, we may not have treated many celebrities, but we have been helping Texans and even some out of state clients rid the regrets and be tattoo free. We can do the same for you. Give us a call at our Galleria location at (713)-783-2000 to book a free consultation today!

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