Every day there seems to be a news story on a celebrity and their newest tattoo. A few years ago it was Angelina Jolie and her Billy Bob Thorton tattoo. Recently, John Mayer seems to have indulged by getting full sleeve tattoos. Some websites devote themselves to cataloging celebrity tattoos.

One of the things that is missing is a list of celebrities that might need tattoos removed! Not that we’d make the decisions for them… but can you really say that Dennis Rodman needs all of his body art? In case the post-basketball career of… whatever it is that he is doing now doesn’t work, he might need to clean up his act to get a real job.

rodman tattoo

Houston tattoo removal clinic New Look Laser Tattoo Removal is taking suggestions of celebrities who might need a bit of laser tattoo removal. Send in your suggestions to our email address (contact@newlookhouston.com) and we’ll announce a winner in January. We’ll contact the celebrity’s publicist and see if we can’t get them into our Houston clinic for a free session….

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