black tattooThe newest trend in tattoos is one that is different than any other tattoo trend of years past. Blackout tattoos have risen in popularity and involve inking an entire areas of the body in black tattoo ink.

If you're considering jumping on that bandwagon, or already have, you may be curious about whether this could ever be removed.

Blackout tattoos involve so much ink, it will likely be a time-intensive process to remove the tattoos. While typical tattoos take between 8 to ten sessions for removal, these could easily require many more. Because this trend is new, the request for blackout removals hasn't begun, but it will involve more sessions than is typical because the tattoos cover such a large area.

The one positive is that black ink is the easiest for lasers to remove.

However, one reason people are getting blackout tattoos is to cover up old tattoos. At New Look Houston, we know that's not necessary! Laser tattoo removal can remove old, unwanted tattoos without having to ink up your entire arm. If you are looking for black-out tattoo removal in the Houston area visit us! We offer the best removal prices and will work with you over several sessions until you’re happy with the results.

Curious about the cost and of unwanted tattoo removal? Call New Look Houston at 713-783-2000 for a free consultation!


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